Our Story

When you step into Upton Care Pharmacy, it’s like what Marty McFly saw when he went back in time in the movie “Back to the future.”

It’s all about the good old times when the pharmacy was more than a drugstore and the customers were treated with love and kindness and respect. The pharmacist knew every customer by name, greeted them with a smile and paid attention and listened to each of them. Not like what you see at the big box stores, where they are just another prescription number.

Well, the choice is your folks. You can either go to “Crawl Mart”, “Wrong Aid” or “CV Stress” where they prioritize and color code patients in their computers based on their profitability, or take a trip back in Time and experience and enjoy what pharmacy was meant to be, which is bringing better life’s through medicine. While you are waiting, have a cup of coffee or enjoy an ice cream in our 50’s ice cream diner with Elvis. And as our slogan says, we do prompt service, “Because Good Health Can’t Wait.”

And on those cold days when you just want to cuddle under the blanket, no worries we have free and prompt delivery to your house.

Take care and be healthy.